Hello there !!

About me

I'm Kevin (limekin as alias), a self-taught Ruby main programmer. I write, read and code things. I also play multiplayer online games. I do a little bit of designs.

About blog

This blog is mainly composed of the things like my personal utilities, way of doing things, shares about the things I learn or discover. These will be focused mostly around web development. And if you ask me whether the content in here matter to you or not, I can say maybe. Maybe the utilities I use can help you, maybe my way of doing things can help you. More precisely, I should really say instead, it's upto you to decide.

As a side note, this blog doesn't represent me professionally or formally as a programmer. Instead this is completely an informal blog I would like to maintain for fun (and as a hobby ?).

Blog decomplied

Now, all the technical and design elements I have used in this site are free to use. But really they are a set of quality elements which made bringin up this blog easy. And not to mention, it really takes a good deal of work to create these stuffs even though its free. So I'm decompiling and crediting eveything I have used in this site.


The blog uses 'Roboto Condensed' and 'Open Sans' from Google Fonts. You can search the font names in there, the authors are also specified.


I'm using Disqus to host and manage comments (quite obvious isn't it ? ).

Smileys you see here and there

The smileys in the blog are from pic4ever .

Share plugin

The share plugins under each blog posts (or anywhere) are from ShareThis .

Behind the stage stuffs

I'm using Google Analytics to monitor blog statistics.


Locally I'm using Middleman , a ruby gem for static site generation, to generate and maintain the blog. It's damn cool !

Github Pages

The site is hosted on Github Pages.